Right to Cancel

30 Day cancel or Exchange

Better Customer Service

Right to cancel terms You can cancel your order we accept and honour this right, you also have 30 days from receipt of the goods to exchange or refund should you change your mind, for your right to cancel or to take advantage of our extended 30 days refund or exchange please view the terms below.

What we offer

1. If you have placed an order and it has not shipped you can contact us to cancel.

2. If you have placed an order and it has already shipped you must return the items back to us so we can cancel your order, this means you need to wait til the order arrives with you then return it back to us, once it arrives back we would proceed and cancel.

3. If your items arrive and you no longer need them you can return them unopened and we will cancel your order once they arrive with us.

4. if you gave an in-correct address you must wait for the items to be returned back to us, if they fail to arrive you must contact the address you had them shipped to, we cannot be held responsible for errors where customers gives in-correct delivery details,

Important notes

We cannot issue any refunds or exchanges until the items are back with us, returning the items is down to the costs of the customer.

Please note any returned items must be unopened and in their factory sealed state to be entitled to a refund or exchange.

We do not issue refunds for late postage, postage is carried out by third parties USPS and Canada post so we have no control on their delivery times.

Postage is non-refundable on returned items, it will be refunded though if your items did not ship.