Crazy Eyes Red Sclera (Pair)

Crazy Eyes Red Sclera (Pair)

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$229.99 / pair(s)

Price is for 2 x Lenses, excl. delivery

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Try something extreme with full coverage red sclera contact lenses. They are 22mm in diameter ensuring the red colour will cover a bigger area for extreme style. They will give a crazed demonic effect which will be a big hit this Halloween, they have the look. These are not your typical contact lenses for vision defects or eyesight problems, these are genuine cosmetic contact lenses that are for changing or color or pattern of your eyes no matter how light or dark they are, they work by applying a totally opaque solid color design to your eyes whilst not affecting or changing anything else, Results work on all eye colors, very easy to use.

  • Price is for pair (2 x Lenses)
  • Last for up to 12 months from opening
  • Click on image for bigger detail
  • Factory sealed with tamperproof lids
  • Manufactured to FDA guidelines
  • 30 Day refund or exchange on unopened lenses
exchange on unopened lenses

Additional product information

Colour Red
Amount in pack 2 x items individual sealed with tamperproof seals
Suitable for All eye colours even dark eyes
Can be used for 180 days
Type of lens Non-prescription contact lenses (no added vision powers)
Material Soft
Safety sales to ages 18 and over only, handling only suitable for ages 18 and over
Duration unopened up to 3 years
Duration opened up to 12 months with correct care and handling
Use Suitable for all eyes without vision problems
Type of change for Pattern or Color change only or both

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