15mm Contacts

15mm Contacts

15mm contact lenses are bigger than your average contact lenses, this means you get bigger and greater results from these contact lenses,

Will they fit your eyes? yes they will the bigger size just means the color extends bigger than the color of your own eyes still leaving them perfect but making the color part from the design look bigger

15mm contact lenses are for those who seek a more thrilling and specialist look to their eyes.

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Crazy Eyes Madara 15mm (Pair)
$39.99 / pair(s) *
Crazy Eyes Neji 15mm (Pair)
$39.99 / pair(s) *
Crazy Eyes Rinnegan 15mm (Pair)
$59.99 / pair(s) *
Crazy Eyes Titan 15mm (Pair)
$44.99 / pair(s) *
* Price is for 2 x Lenses, excl. delivery